Astronaut Mini Bud Duck
Astronaut Mini Bud Duck

Astronaut Mini Bud Duck

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Astronaut Mini Bud Duck.

We offer to you a carefully considered beautiful collection of BUD ducks.

Filled with stylish and on-trend designs, these ducks are bursting with colour and ready to brighten up your space.

Phthalate-free Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Size: 4.5cm x 6cm x 5cm.

Please note the Bud Duck range is primarily intended as a collectable item only. Due to bespoke shapes, especially with some of the more elaborate mouldings and designs with hats, they will not float upright in the bath... although you are more than welcome to take them for a dip in a Bert & Ernie Rubber Duckie style (Tip: Ernie never lets go of his duck - ergo - always upright). Have fun!